Game of the Week is out!

Hello earthlings.

So I finaly managed to get GotW: Bordelands out. Yeah, I know. Game I finished in 2016 and was actually “finishing” for so long. Crazy. I did it little bit different this time because normaly I just started the recording for the voice over and almost improv it. This time I went with script. I can little bit it hear it sounds different then my improv videos, but I tihnk it sounds good. I am definitely gonna try the “script way” for at least one more GotW.

Well here you go. Enjoy


I am finally the boss

Hey peeps.

So two days ago I finally finished Mafia 3 main story on stream. I can’t believe it. I tried to do some secondary quests, but from two I tried (I did some before so I mean the one I still have), one was repeating itself and second one was more “interesting” but I was like – “You know what? I think I am done with Mafia for now till I get DLCs on sale and then maybe I will finish it”.

I enjoyed the game except some stuff. I put small written review on my Steam account (AG Stradivarius) so you can read it there. I am gonna do Game of the Week on it, but maaaan, I am sooo behind with that show. I wonder if I even should do it. I mean, I enjoyed doing videos lately, I enjoyed the streams but damn, it’s constant struggle.

Today was one of these days – Why I even bother. Yeah, why I even bother with a lot of things. Today I saw posts of two orchestras doing movie concert. Screw them tbh. I don’t know one of them and second one is just those assholes who stole my idea and tried to steal my orchestra and they were my useless members which I instead of kicking out I kept them eventhough they were completly useless as they are as people. “goooooosefraba….gooosfraba George”. Yeah, I’m gonna chill. Sorry, rant over.

Anyway constant struggles with why I even bother are annoying. Why I bother with orchestra, why I bother with Youtube, why I bother with even writing this page, no one is gonna read it anyway.

But hey, at least its forever on internet, especially the part about those assholes, right?



Back in streaming?

So after long time I again decided I wanna stream. Not that I have some huge following due to me not streaming, but again my “share” nature. Well it went good with some funny moments also thanks to my friends Kevin and Galgo. I still wonder if my over-critique nature decides to let me keep streaming. Who knows? Well I don’t

I’ve been thinking…

Yeah, that’s never good. Well as you know I split Conductor’s Vlog into two things – Cvlog and George’s Vlog, well so far only in my mind at least. So what I’ve been thinking is that for GVlogs I’ll do segments like:

  • Weekly report
  • What I’ve been playing this week
  • Plans for upcoming week

Is it something anyone would be interested? I don’t know, I have stalkers everywhere (starting with Dean, right?) so I’ll just make it easier for them.

As for when I finally actually do it? Well, I skiped one week of videos (last week) otherwise I’ve been releasing at least one vid per week. My schedule was/is now insane, but hopefully this weekend I’ll do some work. Today even after insane day I actually managed to do VO for Game of the Week: Borderlands and also got new Lootcrate so there should be new vids for sure.

As for Gvlog I am actually excited about it so I wanna do it as soon as possible. Thing is I wanna get finally greenscreen and also some lights so eventhough my camera is 1080/30 it could be better quality.

Anyway, I keep focusing on those three games I posted before with more focus so far for Mafia 3, although to be quite honest the repeated lazy chores are just bad.

Week #1

Hello people.

So, there is absolutely no reason to do this, but I like to think of this like a journal and also something where I can do shiny pictures. Will I keep this going? No idea. Is this needed? No, but who cares. It’s mine. Will I do post more then pictures of games? No idea. I tried to see if there is some app or page to see the weekly “stats”, well didn’t find anything or nothing what would be something I’d like.

Do I want to do this as Youtube show? Maybe. Would be anyone interested? No idea, probably not, but again – who cares 🙂

For very long time now I have gaming crisis. I can’t seem to stick to just one game. In past I kept one day playing one-two games and then decided to uninstall them to “focus on one game” which on next day became pointless. Will I stick to these I posted? Probably not, but maybe this will be my personal therapy to help me not jump games. Not that’s anything wrong with it 🙂

So here are games I am planning to play this week (mouseover for note):