Getting back to gaming in 2018

Oh yeah, I am still here.

I am sorry for not being in here for long time, but I am back. Some time ago I posted my first post in 2018 on my normal blog (link). Now is time to give some love to gaming too.

As you know me, me and games are always all over. I either play one game (most of the time it’s WoW) or I keep installing more and more games and playing them for little while and then abandon them for ages. Some days though I manage to get to shape and finish games. I know, shocking. This weekend I even managed to finish two games!!

Mirror’s Edge was installed on my PC for ages, although this one is one of the few I actually started once and didn’t start from beginning multiple times, which I often do. I enjoyed the game. Yeah, it had some cool moments. My quick review can be found HERE.

Then I went to game which I restarted 4 times since release, but this time I finally completed it. Hitman: Blood Money is 4th in my beloved Hitman’s franchise and it didn’t disappoint. Even in 2017/2018. Yeah, that’s how long it took me to finish the game. Hitman is such a good series and I can’t wait to play the next ones. My quick review can be found HERE.

Today I also re-started Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Yet another game in my favorite series which I am taking pretty sweet time to play. I am playing in order so yeah, I am really far from AC: Origins. But who cares tbh, I am getting there and game like this you can play even years later for sure.

Aaaand because I love to install more games, I decided to play one I loved a lot and almost finished back then yet I uninstalled and let it sleep for ages – Stronghold (now in HD). Oh boy, can’t wait!

How Is This Possible?

Hello hackers.

So explain me one thing. I just finished DLC of Watch Dogs – Bad Blood.

I enjoyed the DLC much more then the original main game. How is that possible? The voiceover was great, action was very good, it had good lenght, it had good humor. This was really very good surprise for me and I am glad I could finish Watch Dogs on high note.

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood – 8/10 (Great)

Hacked Dogs

Howdy coders.

I can’t believe this, yet another game finished – Watch Dogs.

I bought collector’s edition the day it came out and haven’t touched the game since then. Not that I didn’t want to, but my constant struggle with completing games and so, but I got mood to finally play it and the main story is now done.

I am playing the DLC Bad Blood and then I am fully done with Watch Dogs. There was a lot of hype for this game and this game definitely not delivered the hype, but that’s the problem with hypes. You expect so much from the game and because you don’t have full informations you create things and expectations which can’t be delivered anyway.

What I liked about the game was the setting. Hackers, open world – very nice. I would definitely welcome more “current time” games. As with all Ubisoft games your map is full of icons, this one was very busy. It’s stuff like secondary mission, mini-games, etc. I skiped all of it. My main focus was the story. In this game I didn’t find the interested to do the secondary stuff.

Story was ok. The “hacking” was interesting, you could do a lot – hack cameras, block communications of enemies, make stuff explode, change stuff on the road like traffic lights. There was also the hacking mini games when you were trying to get inside the system.

Problem of this game was – you didn’t care enough for the characters. At the end you cared a little bit but I guess they weren’t likeable or well build. Can’t point the problem exactly. Also as usual there was stuff which were so annoying, like police helicopter sniper which is better then the best sniper in the world in my opinion. I know the police is suppose to be annoying, but this was so overdone and it was more annoyance then fun. There were more stuff which I didn’t like (like fucked up mouse) but I can’t say it’s bad game. It’s ok start for series and I am happy there is another Watch Dogs and can’t wait for it.

The main game for me goes as 6/10. I know, probably harsh and yes there were moments which I enjoyed the game, but I am glad I finally finished it. Well not yet, DLC 🙂

Kyrat is saved and bad guys didn’t win

I am on a roll, baby.

Like two weeks ago I finally finished FarCry 4 and today I finally finished Battlefield: Hardline which was installed on my computer for so long. My quick reviews can be found as usual on my page, but don’t worry I will add the links.

In short, FarCry was cool game, with Battlefield I am glad it’s done. More in reviews.

At this moment I am still struggling to finish Hitman: Blood Money, not because it’s bad game, not at all, then Watch Dogs 1 and FarCry: Primal. All three enjoyable games. Actually with Hitman for first time I am playing it like a tv series. Maybe that’s why I really didn’t mind that the new Hitman went the episodic way. I mean, why would you even mind. You move from mission to mission with some second story happening and making a bridge.

Anyway I don’t have much update or much of interesting today so I am just gonna leave you with this.

Oh and I almost forgot – I opened another LootCrate Gaming box 🙂

Mordor No More

Hello, you green-skined lovely orcs.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is no more. I finally fully finished the game including the story DLCs. The main game as such was one of the best games I’ve ever played. So fricking good. As for the DLCs, I played them mainly for the story.

The Bright Lord was story bit pre-qual for the main game where some of the bits of the story got connected from your main game. Lord of the Hunt was continuation of your hunting with Torvin, the great dwarf. It’s happening after the main story I would say. That one I enjoyed more then Bright Lord. It was easier and also less annoying and you learned to use the beast to full. It was nice.

I definitely can’t wait for the next one although I won’t buy it right away for one reason (eventhough I would love to) I hate getting the DLCs and passes after. Yes, I played Shadow of Mordor three years later but I had “Game of the Year” edition so I got everything for the game. I always love that. That’s why I am also waiting for something like that for Fallout 4. Yes, it can happen that there won’t be “GotY” edition but still I bet there will be some complete edition.

Anyway, I can’t wait.

Now as you can see my games on the right side changed and I think there will be more games finished soon. I’ve started to learn how to get out of WoW.

To Rule Them All


Long time no see 🙂 Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about you. Never.

As you know in my last post on my “Personal” blog I posted about my WoW adventures.

Guldan is NO MORE
Kil’Jaeden is NO MORE

So I am happy I had the option to see this and be part of this live.

As for other games, well it’s struggle because of World of Warcraft, but I am managing to start playing single player games again, don’t worry. I actually finished the main story of Middle-Earth: Shado of Mordor which btw spoiler alert is 10/10 game for me. Amazing one. I know, three years later, but still for me it’s so far the best of 2017. At this moment I am going through the DLCs, well started. I finished Mordor yesterday. It should be story ones for me so can’t wait for more story 🙂

Also today I did another mission of Hitman: Blood Money. Funny story. I entered elevator and another guy came in too. Doors close and I punch him. I punched him so hard that he went through the walls of elevator, bugged inside but couldn’t be seen. 30 seconds later when I was already in different part of the building already, my game suddenly crashed. LOL. That guy crashed my game.

So that’s it, folks. Maybe one more thing though, I got waaaay behind with Game of the Week videos. I even did VO for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing just to find out that my gameplay video got lost, so I did VO for Saints Row 3 and during editing of the video I was like – “What about not doing this? I am playing behind anyway and no one will be watching this, maybe except a few.” And I got an idea. The reason I am doing these videos was always share what I was playing and if someone else should play it and what I liked/didn’t like about the game. I am not a reviewer or trying to be professional one but I like to share. And then it hit me, let’s do something like – 5 Top games I play XXX to XXX – “Games of the Months” editions. Or Weeks. Or what ever. And I liked the idea. I don’t have to pump videos for every game, this is actually something more people would be interested and BAM. So I will do it, probably when I finish third recording session for AYLA soundtrack. So stay tuned 🙂



I hate my friends! Yeah, I do.

Look, I was able to have more games installed but mainly focus on one or two. Then as you know Stevo started talking about Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max. Both installed later that day. My greek friend Vag started talking about World of Warcraft and I played on US and when I got money for sub, well you can guess what happened. And now friend of mine, Charles, talked about Diablo and the new necromancer class, well bought it and played it (and installed Diablo again).



But love them too. Necro is great fun though, really. Nice look, you feel powerful and your spells are just awesome. You really feel like necromancer, so eventhough it’s paid class for which you get stuff for your account too, I think it’s worth the money. I will definitely take it slow with Diablo. I always went nuts and then quit. I lately play what game I want when I have the mood and I think that’s the right approach.

As for WoW, well the Chromie scenario is interesting idea, it’s fun, the VO of hers it’s absolutely brilliant. There are some stuff which I don’t like that much but in general it’s great addition.

And Shadow of Mordor. That thing is just too epic. 10/10. Must buy. Which you can actually do now with sale for 4 euros and you can even play it for free til Sunday. So stop reading this fricking blog and go buy it. DO IT!

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Somebody save me!


All people needed to do to screw me up again was tell me about games I wanna play but not right now and I am again installing new games and playing WoW. THANKS!

So let me tell you a story from yesterday and today. So two friends of mine – Stevo and Vag kindly talk about Warcraft and Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max. I don’t have money for sub to WoW and I didn’t really miss it lately, but was thinking about playing again. No gold, no money = no sub. OH WAIT….I actually have US account on which I still need to lvl up my chars. BAM! Played WoW just like that.

Then installed Mordor and Mad Max. Played Mordor for two hours. THAT GAME IS INSANE, but so good so fun and so dark. Love it.

Yeah…but remember I play FarCry 4? South Park? Hitman? and many many more installed? ESO, Skyforge and other MMOs? Yeah, well, I keep adding games 😀 But damn I have fun! Although with this I have no idea how and when I am suppose to do videos lol

Thanks guys!

I survived!!!

Yes, my fellow paladins,

I survived the recording session of “Ayla” which was the whole day, I survived the two hour long concert after and also the concert next day of my kids and small drama also which was happening for Tuesday and Wednesday.


And I even managed to just now finish another game – FarCry 3.

Yes, there will be a video, but damn, I need to get myself back in the game. Videos are soooo behind, streaming is again stoped. But I am pretty happy now. Actually I might pick up World of Warcraft again.

Anyway as you probably guess, meanwhile I installed like 5 new games. Actually gonna install new one right now – FarCry 4. Yes, I know there is Blood Dragon, but I’ll do that one later. It’s not needed for the story.

Anyway, still so many games to finish and do videos on and continue playing and…whua whua..going crazy.

But guys – I finished TWO games after I created this page. Isn’t that marvelous? It is.


I am baaaaack!

Hey citizens.

Don’t worry, I am still here, I’ve been just in Sweden though. And now I am back. You happy? Aaaanyway, this week I have very very VEEEERY busy (concerts, soundtrack recording etc.) so I won’t be able to do videos this week. Hope next week is gonna be though. I even have some short special videos for you 🙂

As for gaming, well today I finally managed to play FarCry again to continue the story aaaaand..well, guess who just came – a fricking Steam Sales…yep…our money are yet again dooomed. Well mine for sure were because I already bought like 14 games. So bye bye money.

Oh, and MasterXMaster is now out and I played like two hours already. I had tons of fun.