I hate my friends! Yeah, I do.

Look, I was able to have more games installed but mainly focus on one or two. Then as you know Stevo started talking about Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max. Both installed later that day. My greek friend Vag started talking about World of Warcraft and I played on US and when I got money for sub, well you can guess what happened. And now friend of mine, Charles, talked about Diablo and the new necromancer class, well bought it and played it (and installed Diablo again).



But love them too. Necro is great fun though, really. Nice look, you feel powerful and your spells are just awesome. You really feel like necromancer, so eventhough it’s paid class for which you get stuff for your account too, I think it’s worth the money. I will definitely take it slow with Diablo. I always went nuts and then quit. I lately play what game I want when I have the mood and I think that’s the right approach.

As for WoW, well the Chromie scenario is interesting idea, it’s fun, the VO of hers it’s absolutely brilliant. There are some stuff which I don’t like that much but in general it’s great addition.

And Shadow of Mordor. That thing is just too epic. 10/10. Must buy. Which you can actually do now with sale for 4 euros and you can even play it for free til Sunday. So stop reading this fricking blog and go buy it. DO IT!

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Somebody save me!


All people needed to do to screw me up again was tell me about games I wanna play but not right now and I am again installing new games and playing WoW. THANKS!

So let me tell you a story from yesterday and today. So two friends of mine – Stevo and Vag kindly talk about Warcraft and Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max. I don’t have money for sub to WoW and I didn’t really miss it lately, but was thinking about playing again. No gold, no money = no sub. OH WAIT….I actually have US account on which I still need to lvl up my chars. BAM! Played WoW just like that.

Then installed Mordor and Mad Max. Played Mordor for two hours. THAT GAME IS INSANE, but so good so fun and so dark. Love it.

Yeah…but remember I play FarCry 4? South Park? Hitman? and many many more installed? ESO, Skyforge and other MMOs? Yeah, well, I keep adding games 😀 But damn I have fun! Although with this I have no idea how and when I am suppose to do videos lol

Thanks guys!

I survived!!!

Yes, my fellow paladins,

I survived the recording session of “Ayla” which was the whole day, I survived the two hour long concert after and also the concert next day of my kids and small drama also which was happening for Tuesday and Wednesday.


And I even managed to just now finish another game – FarCry 3.

Yes, there will be a video, but damn, I need to get myself back in the game. Videos are soooo behind, streaming is again stoped. But I am pretty happy now. Actually I might pick up World of Warcraft again.

Anyway as you probably guess, meanwhile I installed like 5 new games. Actually gonna install new one right now – FarCry 4. Yes, I know there is Blood Dragon, but I’ll do that one later. It’s not needed for the story.

Anyway, still so many games to finish and do videos on and continue playing and…whua whua..going crazy.

But guys – I finished TWO games after I created this page. Isn’t that marvelous? It is.