Week #1

Hello people.

So, there is absolutely no reason to do this, but I like to think of this like a journal and also something where I can do shiny pictures. Will I keep this going? No idea. Is this needed? No, but who cares. It’s mine. Will I do post more then pictures of games? No idea. I tried to see if there is some app or page to see the weekly “stats”, well didn’t find anything or nothing what would be something I’d like.

Do I want to do this as Youtube show? Maybe. Would be anyone interested? No idea, probably not, but again – who cares 🙂

For very long time now I have gaming crisis. I can’t seem to stick to just one game. In past I kept one day playing one-two games and then decided to uninstall them to “focus on one game” which on next day became pointless. Will I stick to these I posted? Probably not, but maybe this will be my personal therapy to help me not jump games. Not that’s anything wrong with it 🙂

So here are games I am planning to play this week (mouseover for note):